Musings in Budapest

My Squash trainer once said to me: You need to know exactly if the shot you just hit was a good one. If you do not know how to measure the quality of your shot you will just randomly drive the ball accross the court.

There are different types of squash shots. The drive, cross court, boast, lob, drop, volley.. to name a few. Each shot has its unique characteristics and pitfalls. Many things can go wrong. You position your body at the wrong place in a bad angle, you miss the timing, too early or too late, too much power, not enough power, unstable wrists, poor footwork, the ball touches the racket face far off the center, to name a few.

Or even worse. You chose the wrong shot.

As an experienced player you know which shots from your repetoire should be applied in your given situation. And you know how the shot needs to be executed in order to be effective.

We are visiting Budapest for a couple of days with the family. Sitting in the coffee lounge of the Museum of Fine Arts. Takig a break. Time to reconsider Flourish. Flourish is a christian dating app project. Time to reconsider our portfolio of shots. Time to evaluate the quality of our shots.

Portfolio of offensive shots:

  • Website visits
  • App store views
  • App downloads
  • Sign ups

Portfolio of defensive shots:

  • User has seen 10 profiles and stays active
  • User has seen 100 profiles and stays active
  • User has seen all profiles and stays active

First, we can currently measure the quality of our offensive shots very well and we know that we do all shots well except: website visits. We need to put our focus there and improve.

Second, we have been measuring the quality our defensive shots poorly. We relied on user retention per time period as a measure. We should explore the option of tracking user retention by # profiles seen. There is a good chance we can gain valuable insights this way.

Greetings from Budapest..