Where do we come from?

At some point, we realized that a number of our Christian friends found it challenging to find their soulmate. The available dating websites or apps were either useless, old-fashioned or just restricted to a specific region. So, we decided it was time for a brand new, compelling App that faces the “Christian Singles” challenge by bringing the right people together — in the same city, the same country, or even worldwide. We strongly believe that we can connect them and help them to flourish.

This idea had been spinning around in our heads since 2015 and it took a while until we really decided to “just do it”. In September 2016 we founded the company Zareda Ltd in Switzerland as a legal body for that mission. Soon after, we started the recruitment. Within months, we managed to setup a team of developers and designers from India, Ukraine and Switzerland and launched the development of the app.

Who are we?

Flourish was initiated by Rebekka and Adrian Henke. Since then, we have grown to an international team — covering all aspects of the product from conceptual work, design, software development, testing, operations and community engagement.

Rebekka Henke,

Adrian Henke,

Tabea Zuberbühler,
Marketing & Communication

Nuno Barreto,
Business Development

Julia Henke,
Development Advisor

Amadeus Müller-Daubermann,

Michael Schuler,
Security Engineer

Eugene Bolotin,

Gabriel Zuberbühler,
Localization Lead EMEA

Melinda Samuelson,
Localization Lead Americas

Pius Willi,
Software Development

Jaswinder Kaur,
Software Development

Gagandeep Singh,
Software Development

Gaurav Goyal,
Software Development

Nishant Tomer,
Software Development

Saif Murabbi,
Software Development