Christian Dating Apps

What makes a Christian Dating App great?

Christian Dating Apps are apps for mobile devices that connect Christian Singles. When musing about this type of apps we came up with the following six criterias on what a Christian Dating App makes great.

1. Candidates!

A Christian Dating App should offer a pool of interesting Christian Singles. It’s simple. No matter how good the technology is, without a pool of great candidates, the app will yield little value to its users. You want to get to know other Christian Singles that are attractive and are engaging – no stale or fake profiles. A Christian Dating App should encourage its users to create such profiles – consult separate post on this topic: Christian Singles.

2. Zero advertisements

A Christian Dating App should have zero advertisements. Advertisements are annoying, advertisements negate user experience completely. That’s it.

3. Modern approach

A Christian Dating App should have a modern approach to dating. Let’s be honest,┬áthe idea that humans can be quantified by 100+ attributes to be filtered and automatically matched has done more harm than good. Christian Singles don’t want to be quantified and don’t want to quantify others – you are unique. You want to expose and present yourself in a personal way. Dating should not be like two scientists researching and matching attributes and numbers in an Excel sheet. No. The experience in Christian Dating Apps should be like two Christian Singles checking out each others while having a coffee together.

4. Ease of use

A Christian Dating App should be easy to use for anybody who is familiar with mobile apps in general. Apps usually excel if they are built with simplicity in mind and are not overloaded with a large portfolio of features that no one uses or understands. Christian Dating Apps should allow its users to engage with others in a new, easy, yet personal way and let their experience be joyful, flourishing and lively.

5. Design

A Christian Dating App should have a great and appealing design like any other great mobile app. Design simply matters.

6. Trustworthy

A Christian Dating App needs to be trustworthy. You will store confidential data in the app ranging from your personal data to chat messages. Therefore, it is crucial that you may be sure that nobody is reading, misusing or selling this data. Check out the what kind of people are behind the company that is publishing the app and make sure you read their privacy policy to gain confidence. Great Christian Dating Apps are trustworthy.

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