Christian dating for free

You are looking for a Christian dating app for free?

The following points may give some guidance in what to consider when choosing to sign up.

Are you a frequent user?

You can either download a Christian Dating app or sign up on Christian Dating websites. Dating apps are usually optimized for frequent usage during the day while the average retention time is short. For example you would typically use a dating app 1-5 times a day for a few minutes during work, travel or wherever you are. Dating websites on the other hand are usually optimized for less frequent use while the average retention time is medium to long.  You would typically use a dating website during lunchtime or in the evening and spend an hour on it or more.

Are you courageous?

Christian dating for free may be either be a solution that is built for rather courageous or for rather shy people. Solutions for courageous people are optimized for making most of your profile public to the rest of the user base. Solutions for shy people are optimized for making very little of your profile available to the user base and giving you detailed control to whom you want to provide more information, such as additional profile pictures. While this puts shy people into the driving seat it make the whole procedure more complicated, lengthy and formalized. From our research we can tell that US citizens rather belong to the courageous group while Europeans, especially in the south, are more shy when it comes to online dating.

Are you looking for a free Christian dating app?

While many solutions claim to be Christian dating for free — they are not. The sign up may be free but to engage in a real conversations with a significant number of Christian Singles you will need to purchase a subscription. You will not be able to figure this out from the products description. The best advise here is to read a few product reviews or to simply try it out as you will quickly notice to which degree a given solution is free.

Are you thinking beyond quantifying humans?

Some solutions are based on the philosophy that humans can be quantified. This means you will fill in lengthy forms to quantify yourself. The criteria range from your yearly income, your fitness-level, your education-level to your list of hobbies. You will then be able filter through the list of candidates, narrowing down your soulmate based on a handful of criteria that you think matter. In addition, a computer algorithm calculates a matching score for you. The contrary philosophy is based on the assumption that humans cannot be quantified and should not be quantified – they are unique. Solutions that are based on this philosophy will let you create a profile consisting of any texts and pictures. This profile is then meant to be perceived as-a-whole, like an artistic painting. You will either find it interesting or not. This philosophy is considered a modern approach to online dating that better reflects how you actually meet a person in reality – by looking at him/her and listening to him/her to get an impression.

What is our opinion?

Different people like different things, hence there is no right or wrong. Still, we strongly believe the following principles are the future when it comes to Christian dating for free:

High frequency OVER low frequence. Low retention time OVER long retention time. Courageous OVER shy. Free OVER paid. Unquantified OVER quantified.

We have built this philosophy into our apps from the very beginning. Try it out our Christian dating app for free!