Christian Singles

On a mission

You are looking for Christian Singles in your city and around the world? We are on a mission to connect Christian Singles.

“We believe that searching for Christian Singles should be a great experience. No ads, no costs, no fake profiles, no pseudo matching algorithms and no lengthy forms to fill out. Any apps for Christian Singles should be clean, simple and easy to use.”
— Rebekka Henke, Co-Founder

How do you define ‘Christian’ Singles?

Any Christian Dating App would be worthless without the pool of great Christian Singles that are actually using the app. Without these people any app is just a nice piece of technology that does not provide any value. Our Christian Dating App is valuable because it combines a pool of great Christian Singles together with top-notch technology. Both is needed for a great user experience.

So, what is a good Christian Single? This is pretty much the same as asking: What is a good Christian? We believe that apps for Christian Singles should be open to all Christian denominations and cultures — and therefore the answer is a generic answer. It is about men and women that align their life towards Jesus. Faith, Love, Hope, Mercy, Justice and service to the neighbor are the essential values for them. You won’t get a more precise definition from us – it’s about connecting Christians and not about defining and separating Christians.

As in every digital community there are people that violate the rules, from personal offense to inappropriate pictures. You may have experienced this on Facebook and other places already. Where there is freedom, there is also the possibility for abuse. Apps for Christian Singles should provide effective tools so that you can report abusive users to help keeping the app clean.

What is important?

Some hints for you when using Christian Dating Apps:

Be authentic, you want to find others and you want others to find you, to make this happen you need a meaningful and authentic profile.

Be curious, get into conversations with candidates, communicate often and gladly.

Be insistent, your Mr. Right or Mrs. Right won’t be served to you on a silver plate, you need to “hunt them” yourself.

With these bullets in mind you are ready to go. Try out our app for Christian Singles.