Christliche Singles In West Virginia

J. aus , 27 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
I have been a Christian for 14 almost 15 years and every day I’m striving to be better than who I was yesterday. I plan to start a ministry one day that involves music and traveling to preach the gospel. Jesus is the only way to heaven, he said I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes unto the father but by me.

J. aus , 31 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
ive always been a Christian started going too church at a young age with my family and grandparents. ive loved it every since and loving god

What are you looking for in a partner?
someone who has a good heart down too earth like family and friends and doing stuff together. but also a relationship with God. one I could eventually settle down with and have. family. with

What is your dream or vision?
too meet her but the her that God sent too me and too enjoy my life with and make many memories with. And too build with make each other strong just too enjoy a happy life with

What does fellowship with other Christians mean to you?
it means a lot and too see that we all want too accept god into our lives.

What is on your bucket list?
love adventure so too travel too some different places would be fun . Too go to a coincert country a lil rock or a Christian band love the newsboys. . Never going skiing but always sound fun love too take a cruise sometime . honestly I’m one who would be up too try many things

What are the little joys in your life?
TOO me it’s spending time with the ones you love . for me it’s family my neices and nephews .And my grandpa but as well as the holidays or birthday’s or the tough times but we all stick together

What would you do if you took a year off?
Go on vacation too a nice sunny and warm place but want all my family too go too enjoy it with me . I enjoy running so would do a few races as well . and fun with my friends that are like family

What is your favorite place to daydream?
well growing up I got into sports then that led too me getting into fitness and going too a gym. which is like another church for me cause it helps keep me strong and positive .

What are you ‚untalented‘ in doing and why?
definitely when it would come to anything artwise and why I really don’t know. just something I’ve always struggled with

K. aus , 27 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
I trust in the Lord will all my heart. Even on the bad days, I know he is always there with and for me.

What are you looking for in a partner?
Someone who puts God first, and puts God first in a relationship. Someone who is loyal, sweet, friendly, and caring. Someone who understands that you need God in a relationship.

B. aus , 20 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
im a good Christian I love going to church faith is a big deal i have faith in my family and in jesus

A. aus , 47 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
I am a firm believer in God and my salvation attained by grace through faith. I am a work in progress, but I believe God has a plan for me, even when I screw it up and I’ve done that many times.

C. aus , 40 Jahre jung

I believe in God ,I’m grateful for my life tho

L. aus , 21 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
I love god and i want a women that loves god as much as I do

F. aus , 68 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
God is my saver i dont no what i would do without him

J. aus , 39 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
a Christian trying to a better person every day. Got saved a few years ago at river cities aka the round church

A. aus , 59 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
I know in my heart that if not for God above that I would not be here now. on July 2nd of last year I gave my all to him cause I knew in my heart that I was on a death contract.

J. aus , 19 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
I like making songs I like going to church I worship God as has presents

With which Bible verse are you struggling?
let all that you do be done with love

J. aus , 20 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
I love good he loves everyday and I’m thankful for what he has blessed me with.and hopefully.he will bless me with the most beautiful girl friend

E. aus , 31 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
I attend the Church of Christ where I serve as a preacher occasionally. I believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and the only source for our knowledge of His will.

What is your dream or vision?
I would like to serve God and my community as a leader in Higher Education. I am currently working towards my Masters degree for that purpose.

M. aus , 47 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
my faith is strong and God I try to lean on him daily I’ve tried everything in my life was good I thought I was really close to God but God showed me today that I needed to rededicate my life so as of this moment I have a new creature in God and I am looking for somebody that will help grow that with me purchase nurture that

the most important things
God my children these two. things are very important to me I have one daughter that has MMR and traits of autism I have another daughter bad has major depression and anxiety and then my next one she’s just a normal kid that was out all three of them I am totally lost

D. aus , 52 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
a good honest guy and be good to me and marry husband wife

E. aus , 58 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
Seventh-day Adventist, since the 80’s. Believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ. Member of For My People Ministry sharing God’s Final Warning Messages

J. aus , 33 Jahre jung
Über meinen Glauben
What can I say ? my faith is strong, I couldn’t imagine my life with out my faith in Jesus.

Hey yall
Hey I’m Jessica, I’m a Christian and proud! I know it’s not popular with the world to say I love Jesus. I am looking and praying for a worship partner . someone who can handle I’m not perfect and will pray, study the word, worship God together. Other than that I’m a dork. Yes I love to game and read comics and everything . I know God has someone out there just for me , I would really love to find that Man . I’m going to hush I can go on for ever. LOL