How can I support your mission?

We connect Christians. You can support our mission as follows:

  • Become an advocate, spread the word and bring more awesome people onto the platform.
  • Become a volunteer developer, port the app to other platforms and devices.
  • Become a tester, report any issues in the app so that we can improve it.
  • Become a translator, translate the app into your native language.
  • Become a donor, support our product development with a donation (you can do so directly in the app).

Contact us at hello@flourishflourish.com if you want to know more.

Why can’t I chat with the person I liked?

Chatting is only possible if two people like each other. Probably, the other person has not clicked the like-button (yet).

What is your definition of a Christian?

We connect. We don’t separate. Therefore, we leave these questions up to theologians and community leaders who have been debating this topic for centuries.

What shall I do if I see fake profiles, inappropriate content or people that do not seem to be Christians?

Please report any suspicious profiles by clicking on the profile and use the report functionality in the upper right corner. In addition you may get in contact with us by email at: hello@flourishflourish.com

How do you protect privacy of the users?

We care about your privacy. We design our products with in-depth security and privacy in mind. What is our philosophy? It’s simple: We hire only highly trustworthy people to maintain our systems and we utilize state-of-the-art technology to protect these systems. Please note that we are compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

How can I have my data erased?

Proceed as follows to have your data erased:

  1. 1. Start the app, go to SETTINGS
  2. 2. Tap the button Delete Account
  3. 3. Confirm the deletion

You need to be signed in to perform this action. Should you encounter any problems deleting your account, reach out to us at dp@flourishflourish.com